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Welcome to The Alternative

Hello and welcome to The Alternative. I thought that the first story should be mine especially as I decided to set this little thing up!

I’m Jayne. I decided to create The Alternative because I have always been fascinated by people who have the courage to go change direction.

As a previous people pleaser, I used to have the constant internal struggle of what’s expected of me versus what I actually want. I spent a lot of time being in-authentic and comparing myself to others which was massively mentally exhausting.

Growing up, I never really knew what I wanted to do. Never had a path all planned out. I knew that I got bored easily, liked trends, interiors and people. But that was it. So I bumbled along, studying and getting work experience in a variety of fields. I first started to work in PR (that was really brief) as my boss was a gigantic bully, then moving into textile sales, to property sales, to marketing, to account management. Can you see a pattern emerging?

Whilst all of these opportunities were fantastic, they weren’t right for me and what I truly wanted out of my work life so I decided to sabotage them - subconsciously that is . Not applying myself, comparing myself to others and blaming everyone else when I failed was my game. I also moved house quite a bit in search of feeling content so that also added to the general mayhem.

Finally, and I can’t quite put my finger on why, I decided to take responsibility for my life and do the opposite of what I’d been doing for the last few (cough), OK many, many years. Now whilst I still didn’t know for sure what career I wanted to carve out, I knew how I wanted to work and I knew what elements of work I enjoyed and what skills that I had to contribute. That helped me build a picture of the type of working life I wanted to create and then that led me to The Alternative.

I absolutely love meeting people. I love finding out about them and also helping them do life. Hearing about how people have tackled their various challenges provides inspiration and encouragement. It’s also really supportive when you hear that you’re not the only person facing that particular struggle. And that’s why I set up The Alternative. To tell the stories of people and help people figure out their own story through my coaching.

Jayne x

Things that I like: cheese, wine, gin, Campari and more cheese. Music, coffee, shopping, interiors, architecture, sunshine and warmth, Pilates, sleeping, reading, learning stuff and of course, people.