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What The Health?

Ever get that burning feeling in the pit of your stomach that everyone’s doing better than you? Do you look at someone’s Instagram account and suddenly feel low? Do you want things, but have no idea how to get them - maybe it’s someone’s gym-honed body or their six-thousand followers, or their job, or loving partner or home? We’re in the midst of a comparison epidemic - and it’s making us feel crap. From Instagram’s reel of perfection to the notion that we should be bossing it All The Time, feelings of envy are rife - yet, no one’s really talking about it. 

For their second panel event, hosts Toral and Amy will be joined by special guests comparison coach Lucy Sheridan (@lucysheridan) and body positive activist Michelle Elman (@scarrednotscared) to discuss these complicated and taboo feelings of envy and comparison - casting them into the spotlight to help us explore ways to feel happier and healthier, no matter what everyone else is doing.

For more info and to buy tickets, visit: What The Health?

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Physical Wellbeing in the Workplace

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It's no surprise that happier employees makes for happier business, whether that's measured by turnover, retention rate or the decibels of laughter in the office on a Monday morning.

Work Happy is our debut event series geared towards opening up the discussion on happiness in the workplace, delving into the influencers and educating others on what they can be doing to improve theirs.

This month, we're focusing on physical wellbeing. Physical health and wellbeing among employees can increase their energy levels and boost levels of concentration, resulting in higher productivity and less sickdays. What can employers be doing to improve their employee's physical wellbeing? What are the challenges employers face, and how do you overcome them?

Join us on this special evening of collaborative inquiry with some physical wellbeing experts.

For more information and tickets, click here: Work Happy

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Ask The Experts

Ask the Experts is a one day ‘mini conference’ with a difference!

Held in the beautiful spacious loft of Mortimer House, each expert session will be designed around questions submitted by YOU!

Choose the expert talk you wish to attend by purchasing a ticket for a single session, or gain access to all of the presentations by choosing a Day Pass. (See below for details of how to submit your question).

This promises to be a fun-filled day where you’ll get direct, relevant information you can trust from some of the UK’s favourite health experts. 

Ask The Experts has been set up by Chartered Psychologist, Kimberley Wilson, in the interests of promoting "Responsible Influencing" and helping people to access good quality health information from qualified professionals.

The Experts

Nutrition & Dietetics - Katherine Kimber - @nudenutritionrd
Fitness & Personal Training - Alice Liveing - @aliceliveing
Dermatology – Dr. Anjali Mahto - @anjalimahto
Gynaecology – Dr. Anita Mitra - @gynaegeek
Gut Health – Dr. Megan Rossi - @theguthealthdoctor
Psychology & Mental Health – Kimberley Wilson - @foodandpsych

Find out more and get tickets here.

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How To Fail

The modern world demands one thing above all else: that we succeed. The stories we tell ourselves are around striving, overcoming huge odds and eventually winning, normally in some important sector of the economy. Society has a particularly harsh word reserved for those who don’t make it. They are – society says - ‘losers’.

However, the greatest likelihood is that we’re going to fail in some area of our lives or another, especially in the professional sphere (the focus of this class is particularly on failure in relation to work).

Our society knows so much about preparing for success; and yet it pays recklessly little attention to the far more likely and urgent matter: how we can handle failure with dignity, understanding, wisdom – and perhaps a touch of humour.

This class looks at the topic across philosophy, psychology, art and religion, as well as probing into our own emotions and backgrounds. We consider:

  • The perfectionist drive in the modern world, where it comes from and how best to respond to it.

  • Our parents: what they wanted and how we fear disappointing them.

  • What lies at the heart of the dread of failing, especially as it relates to a loss of status and dignity.

  • What it means to fail ‘well’ – accepting our limitations without becoming bitter.

  • The real statistics of success; and how good we are at denying them.

  • The Ancient Greek idea of noble failure and the Zen Buddhist notion of good imperfection.

  • And the media’s influence on our understanding of failure and success.

This class seeks to equip us with the tools to handle failure on our own terms – which is a success of its own. We leave with a grown-up understanding of what we are up against and a consoling impression of the universality of reversal, imperfection and a degree of melancholy. No life is free of failure, and so we realise that failing well is an art all of its own – one of the most necessary we could ever learn.

Get more info and tickets here: The School of Life

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to Mar 3

Live Well London 2019

Fancy meeting the industry’s leading health and fitness experts, testing out new studio classes and trying meditation? Clear your diaries for the first weekend of March because you’re invited to London’s newest wellbeing event, Live Well London, where you can get inspired, shop your favourite brands and be put through your paces all under one roof.

Find new ways to get your body moving. Come have a look or try it out. Whether it be slow, yet effective or sweating in a high intensity work out, come and check out the latest fitness crazes, new HIIT classes, Yoga and Pilates, as well as the technology and gear to help you look and feel good while doing it. 

Uncover and experience different techniques and therapies to help the mind as well as the body. Expect mindfulness, meditation, life-coaching, complementary therapies, and more. Try them out and learn about different techniques to discover what is right for you and your family.

Nourish yourself from the inside out with products that are designed to uplift, restore and heal. Find nutritional food and drink, vitamins and supplements, skin and beauty treatments and products to aid a healthy lifestyle and help you glow.

Sometimes you just need to escape it all, either to unwind, get fit, or get mindful. Expect retreats, spas, courses, wellness holidays and more, all in beautiful settings and locations - whether it’s in the city, a 2-hour escape, a day, a weekend or a week away from it all.

Find out more and book tickets here: Live Well London

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